Natasha Sharma’s Mission in this life is to have conversations about death and use that inevitability to free people to enjoy their lives now.

She believes that death needs to be an easy day-to-day, dinner table conversation. In that pursuit, she is starting the conversation in the upcoming collaborative book project “Wealth Codes – Sacred Strategies for Abundance” launched on the 22nd of August 2022, and will continue to write, and speak openly and extensively about death until her mission is accomplished.

Death has been a constant visitor from a very young age in her life. During the pandemic, she gained full awareness of the importance of facing and accepting her own mortality. This became the catalyst for her to make a noise and encourage everybody to do the same for themselves.

Life is magical and we are very powerful beings. The constructs of the third dimension including death, are the chains that limit our power. This incarnated existence is finite and very brief. Once we expand our awareness beyond the constructs, there is so much fun to be had as a soul rejoicing in the human form.

Reach out to her and invite her to speak to you, your family, your employees, and anyone you feel will benefit from the reprioritization of their work and their lives.

Book released worldwide on 22nd August 2022

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